Healthy smoothies are Just what the holistic doctor ordered.   You can jump start your health today by losing weight or just being healthy! I suggest you measure all ingredients. This will help with consistency initially. Later you will be able to eyeball the ingredients.

BASICS- Healthy Smoothies

What are the basics?  Most people start with approx.. 350 calorie breakfast smoothie. You should make sure it is loaded with fiber, 7 grams will be fine for breakfast, 12 grams for weight loss smoothies. USDA recommends a daily intake around 25 grams.

Your next major smoothie concern is getting the proper amount of protein to start burning from breakfast. I suggest 20 to 30 percent of your total daily calories from protein each day is a healthy spot to aim for, which would be 80 to 120 grams.

Now the place to be creative is the liquids. The most obvious liquid is distilled water. If you are trying to get the body to a optimal healthy place, why continually infuse it with Fluoride water. Flouride can not be that  good for everyone. It is illegal in France! Uhmmm.. There a multitude of plant base/ nut milks. They are the most popular and  not the cheapest liquid proteins.

Other Ingredients:

Other ingredients are various fruits (fresh, dried, and canned-Emergency only for cans OK). Nuts and nut butters are wonderful for different taste and consistency.For an alternate thickener to bananas try all types of yogurts (stick to probiotic, more pluck for your health!). A pure health ingredient is good old cottage cheese which blends with most everything!

Point to remember:

It is important to stick to a particular diet in order to lose weight.  As it happens, many people fail to keep up to their resolution as they are only looking for a short-term fix and do not have a long-term goal in mind.

Before you indulge in a diet consisting of natural juices for weight loss, you should personally take a vow to strict to this regimen for a certain time period.

I hope you visit regularly.

Thank you and be Healthy!