These are ways to make a smoothie thicker more appealing. A smoothie can be both fruits and vegetables, or either on their own. Do not hesitate to include spices and herbs to your healthy smoothie for a punch of taste; the outcomes are quite extraordinary.

How to Thicken a Smoothie

Top 7 ways


1/2 ice and 1/2 frozen fruits and/or mixes, fill same smoothie cup with liquids. Dump contents into the emaciator blender cup/bowl.

If too thick less ice more liquids.

Fresh Fruits Frozen

Fresh Fruits Frozen are just that, in-season fresh. Fresh fruits that are cut into pieces and frozen are a favorite add-on for smoothies. I try to keep frozen bananas at all times. Bananas are king for luxurious, creamy, thick smoothies. They supply a luscious, thick consistency that you can not help but enjoy.
Other Frozen fruits which contain a rich pulpiness like mango, avocado, strawberries, and peaches, are incomparably exceptional as smoothie thickeners. Just go easy on how much you include. Because fruits include naturally-occurring sugars that spell difficulty for dieters..  Berries of all kinds are an exception to this guideline!

Coconut Meat

Who does not love coconuts, right? Living in a tropical city such as Miami it is amazing how it can be found in many different forms. This tropical nut comes hard and soft, grated, powdered, milked, or raw, a coconut is a shake’s buddy. The coconut meat adds simply the correct amount of density while diffusing its flavorsome magic. Why do you think a piña colada tastes so darn good? Go easy on this ingredient, though, since coconuts aren’t kind when it comes to calories. Half a cup of coconut meat ought to work per serving.


Kefir grains are made from fermented milk and are used in other liquids for fermentation. For shakes, including kefir grains are relatively new in western  kitchens. Not only does it include an appropriate amount of density to a shake, but it expels a creamy texture, that if added just to a glassful, can be rather wonderful for your palate.

Nut Butter

Who would not like some buttery goodness in their shake? Since nut butter are generally thick in texture, they work as a fantastic thickening ingredient. Nut butter have the ability to provide not just a beautiful, velvety base, but essential nutrients and a heartwarming taste.


Flaxseed is not just a toothsome addition to a healthy smoothie, however, an incredible vegetable source of omega-3-6-9, which truthfully, most of us don’t get enough of. It is best consumed in powdered type, which a coffee grinder will gladly pulverize for you.  While it will not provide your smoothie divine thickness, it will reduce its runny consistency. Consume it in small quantities at first because it is rich in fiber. Therefore gradually present it to the body. Soon you will be adding it to everything!

Non-Fat Flavored Yogurt or Greek Yogurt

Need we say more? Non-fat flavored yogurt is a little bit better than its routine equivalent since it consists of less-fattening ingredients. It also serves you away from additional calories without losing its vivacious flavor. Greek yogurt’s density is loved in the healthy smoothie world. This is because it is a healthier option to regular yogurt. Plus, its natural thickness makes it an instant favorite in the kitchen area. I currently buy the probiotic varies for a super burst of health. This is my favorite with Greek yogurt a close second!
Note: People with health problems Cottage cheese is a super health additive. Think the Budwig diet with vanilla probiotic yogurt…..


Excellent breakfast additive – cooked or fresh oats. Its nutty flavor doesn’t overwhelm a healthy smoothie’s total taste. As a base 1/2 a cup per serving, with berries can give a healthy smoothie the zest it does not have. I prefer cooked, since fresh sometimes has gritty bits that can be bothersome.