Healthy Herbal Ginger Detox Smoothie

Add Ginger / Apple Cider / Lemon / Mint to create your Healthy Herbal Detox Smoothie and get into the slender game.

Lose weight drinking this awesome breakfast smoothie change your life.
I have spoken extensively on what it takes to lose those stubborn pounds in my book “Getting Healthy the Holistic Way” Add this super Healthy Herbal Ginger Detox Smoothie and cruise down the path of bye bye belly fat. Yea your metabolism changed and for some reason  the fat will not leave.

I will explain and give you a simple solution.  It can be made in quart batches. Add 4 oz of this Healthy Herbal Detox Smoothie recipe to Any diet program and feel the pounds melt away.

I am known for being super creative when it comes to foods products. But I need to give thanks to two people for this inspired drink. Mr T. Jehad who keeps a refrigerated Vita mix blended Ginger drink 24/7. If you are in south Florida this drink is easy the highlight of a home visit. (and he has the 411 on  the best priced places for fresh ginger). Next is Ms.Velvet Lox who put up a YouTube Ginger/Lemon Detox Drink which is excellent. If you have the prep time, this is a quality drink. Their inspiration served me well for this quick stringent detox.

Solution:Healthy Herbal Ginger Detox Smoothie

Back to how do you get rid of adipose cells , sorry no can do. The adipose cell is a genetic part of your body’s chemical make up. You can Deactivate the adipose cells ability to store fats by draining the  fat deposits  and cutting down of FAT INTAKE .

You use these ingredients below and off to the races!

1.      Ginger is a natural appetite suppressant too. It help to prevent bloating,  gasses, and inflammation. Ginger root is also an appetite suppressant that helps quell hunger pains. Also add 1 peg of ginger to your smoothie, (It helps regulate blood pressure and it fights fat accumulation once in the system minute by minute all day. . Healthy healthy)
The oil of Ginger root activates the body’s endocrine system for healthy hormone production. It directly attacks the adipose cells in abundant areas in the body( stomach and love handles) .             How do you know if you have adipose cells??? Well we all have them and if you are Overweight? You have an abundance and should be exercising!!!! Simple.

2.      Apple Cider Vinegar(ACV) fights fat accumulation by stripping the adipose cells of their ability store fat. By itself 1 tsp daily melts the pounds away. Straight or ACV cocktail (1 tsp ACV and 1tsp Honey in 4-8oz distilled water daily). ACV lowers blood pressure immediately giving your body a metabolic boost to start your day.

3.      Lemons are high in vitamin C and a Natural antioxidant that strengthens the immune system. Lemons acid helps to detoxify the body while fighting fluid retention (bloating). Strangely enough, one of the anti-Cancer Remedies in the my cancer book calls for a good amount of citrus crystals. “DETOXING”

4.      Mint leaf helps stop food craving, indigestion, cramps and bloating. All mints has a refreshing flavor and cooling effect to the body. (Peppermint/spearmint/Ginger mint/ if you can find Grapefruit mint/your choice)

The combination of these ingredients pack a powerful punch for detoxifying the body. It is not hard to see the weight loss benefits of the Healthy Herbal Ginger Detox Smoothie. Smoothies can be used as Replacement Meals. Use this link to get more information.